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Money Never Sleeps


I cannot be your tax preparer - but I can be your CPA advisor for 12 weeks to bring the same value I provide to clients for the last 27 years.  My experience and the advice I share is why my clients retain me in their boardroom year after year. 


What I provide for a client in a year, I will compact for you in 12 weeks. 

What will I get with this investement?

  • Initial 90 Minute One on One with JJ the CPA

  • Three One on One Check Up Zoom Call with JJ the CPA

    • ​30 Minute Check up Zoom Call 4 Weeks In

    • 30 Minute Check up Zoom Call 8 Weeks in

    • 45 Minute Launching on Your Own & Wrap Up Zoom Call After 12 Weeks

  • Twelve 90 Minute Sessions with the Group of 10 Chosen Businesses

Total Value: $7,002.00

Your Cost:    $2,497.00

*Price reflecting if bought as a stand alone service






What topics can I expect to have in the Zoom sessions?

  • Defining your businesses pressure point:  The 3 underlining factors most business owner miss

  • Narrowing the focal point:  The 4 part break down of every businesses profit & loss with 2 easy line items to reveal your cash flow plug

  • Expanding the financial vision:  Taking 6 key historical numbers you use every day in your business to map out a more concrete direction to your bottom line

  • Expense analysis simplified:  Working through the 2 eye opening components of your business that amplifies your financial reach

  • Income gaining strategies: Unveiling the top line to create the 3 goals every business thinks they have, but don’t actually ever achieve

  • Killer tax strategies:  Implementing a method that leads to less taxes while decreasing your risk of audit adjustments

  • Eliminating risk:  5 ways to safeguard the continuity of your business and your financial well-being that less than 5% of business owners know about

  • Amplifying your team:  Breaking the mold most business owners want to use to effectively expand your business while being less reliant on any one person

  • Creating the YAWLP:  7 ways to ensure you are actually in control of your business regardless of the amount of time you spend in it

  • Elevating your business goals:  The one, two punch that creates an accountability reliant on no one and unable for you to manipulate

  • Re-launch your business everyday:  The 5 elements that build a routine to ensure your energized daily without having to will yourself

  • Plotting the step:  2 step approach to see 360 degrees of your business with a permanent ability to easily use the past 12 months to constantly see the next 12 months, forever and never

Follow Through


To Fill Out Application


What happens next?

If selected to be a part of the 10 business owner group you will recieve an email with instructions on how to complete registration.




Remember this will only be open to 10 business owners.

Act quickly as spots will fill up quickly.

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