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JJ THE CPA HERE! How can I make you life better? Let me start by teaching you how to CRACK THE CPA CODE, transforming your job into a mission to uncover the greatest secret in the business world: How to work with the CPA successfully! 

JJ's Latest Book on
How to Successfully Do
Business with CPA's!


I am giving you this treasure map with the combination because my industry is already in crisis, like a ship sure to crash into an iceberg. Soon, CPAs will need to throw what is unnecessary overboard, but only to a "first responder" we trust to catch it. Currently, no one fits that description. Before it is too late, I need this to be you. Why? CPAs need to eradicate payroll services, and you are the key. Your reward will be discovering the buried treasure more enormous than you could ever dream.

The CPA profession, my profession, is in crisis! It seems we have yet to admit it. We have resisted grabbing a helping hand because, based on our training and the CPA code, it appears we don’t trust anyone else to care for our clients as we do. I wrote this book because I am on a mission to save the CPA profession for my son, who is following in my footsteps, and I need your help.

I need you to properly gain the CPA’s trust so they will partner with you and accept your support. To carry out this, you must CRACK THE CPA CODE. Because of this crisis, I am stepping forward with this book to teach you how to do just that. What is in it for you? You do this and gain massive financial rewards that will be more than you can fathom. If you can CRACK THE CPA CODE of the entire industry, you could earn a financially rewarding partnership with over 31,000 CPA practices. This is worth it for you and your company!

THE CPA The CPA resembles a superhero in the business community. You know it. We know it. We need rescuing NOT because we are weak or incapable of providing payroll services but because soon, we will be outnumbered compared to clients’ payroll needs. No one will ever be able to replace the CPA. So, we need reinforcements to work alongside us in serving our client’s overall tax needs.

THE CRISIS The CPA industry will soon be in a crisis because there will not be enough CPAs to manage the workload our clients need. We are losing 75% of current active CPAs in the next ten years. Today, there are 672,587 active CPAs, which equates to a future loss of 504,440 members. On average, the CPA switches jobs every two years or exits public accounting altogether within five years. The average age of the CPA today is 43. Over 300,000 employees have left the profession in the last two years, and 43% of college graduates hired by CPAs had nonaccounting degrees. In the last year, only 18,847 new CPAs were added to the profession. Based on that, over the next ten years, the industry will gain approximately 188,000 new members. Coupled with the remaining 168,147 CPAs, that leaves a CPA workforce of approximately 356,000 ten years from now. That is a net loss of approximately 316,000 CPAs in 2034.

THE WAY OUT OF CRISIS The CPA industry needs to reduce its workload to require less workforce before there are not enough CPAs to manage it. The luxury of time to conduct this is over because I believe the first step towards this is an industry-wide eradication of payroll services performed by CPA practices. The amount of time it will free up will give the industry a head start to better prepare for what is to come. The relief this will provide will allow it to start growing again. We need a “first responder" who has already proven to be a trusted partner to the CPA profession and can act with the expertise, technology, security, client due care, and trustworthiness that matches the CPA tradition. The “first responder” will gain the CPA’s trust, become its partner, and engulf the entire industry’s payroll services. Imagine that! It’s a win-win for all


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