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To receive these benefits,

CLICK HERE to visit with

Erica or Haley,

or call them at 317-503-3847.


When you hire ADP through my partnership, you become a member of JJAG for free. This is an exclusive group designed for clients of ADP from my partnership.

After you run your first payroll with ADP, JJ will send you an invitation to the exclusive JJAG member's page with access to everything!

2023-2024 Membership is Free & Includes

  • Monthly JJAG Tax Strategy Seminar by JJ the CPA

  • Invitation to Monthly Live Presentation of JJAG Seminar

  • Participate in Live Q & A with JJ the CPA

  • Access to Re-Watch Any JJAG Seminar Missed

  • Complimentary Signed Copy of JJ the CPA's Book

  • Monthly JJAG Tax Newsletter

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